Holiday Band Schedule July 5th – 7th

A lot of music fun this holiday weekend!

Acheson’s Resort

July 5th: Voice Activated 3PM -??

July 6th: Hidden Assets 3PM – 7PM

July 7th: Outspoken 3PM – 7PM

Bj & Billie

On Bud’s Big Boat Fireworks Cruise

July 6th: 12PM – 10PM

Cranberry Resort

July 5th: BJ Buff 3PM – 7PM, on the patio.

July 5th: SaMaX 8PM, inside.

July 6th: Deer’s Kin 3PM – 7PM, on the patio.

July 6th Outspoken, inside

July 7th: Honey Compass 3PM – 7PM


July 5th & 6th: Indoorfins 9PM – 1AM

July 5th & 6th: Full Frontal 2PM – 6PM

July 7th: Hipnotix 2PM – 6PM

I think I got everything!